Özdere The Hidden Paradise of Izmir


Özdere The Hidden Paradise of Izmir

Ozdere The Hidden Paradise of Izmir

One of the most popular cities with its beauty, İzmir is one of the most popular destinations in the Aegean Region. The city, where hot summer evenings, spring warmth and plenty of rainy days are common, welcomes its guests who visit it every month of the year. You can do many activities; We say let's take a look at the city for tranquility this time, where you can have fun and enjoy the peace of calm. Especially if you want to keep yourself away from people at the end of a tiring and stressful period but want to be in a popular city, we should tell you about the hidden paradise of Izmir, Özdere.

Where is İzmir Özdere? How To Get To Özdere?

In Izmir, which is one of the most preferred holiday spots with its beautiful bays, there are many towns that you have not heard of yet. Özdere is one of these holiday resorts, all of which are different from each other and worth exploring. Özdere, which is connected to the town of Menderes, whose name is known by the airport, is one of the rare stops of the last days for those looking for cool waters, camping areas and calmness. Özdere town, where the sweltering heat and crowded city life cannot enter, is among the places visited by most of İzmir residents in recent years to buy a summer house. You can reach the town, which will offer a modest holiday opportunity to tourists who are trying to escape from the chaos, by contacting our Adnan Menderes Airport car rental company. Likewise, whether you are a domestic or international passenger, the hidden paradise is located 45 km from Özdere Izmir Airport. If you are planning such a short holiday in the summer and will turn your route here, the first thing to do after purchasing your plane ticket should be to take a look at the Izmir rental car market.

Izmir Ozdere Car Rental

Standing out with its historical textures, natural beauties and activities to do, İzmir is also among the cities that conquer everyone's hearts with its unique bays. While Özdere, which many İzmir lovers have not discovered yet, is 70 km away from the center, it is 45 km away from the airport. For this reason, the town where you should go in contact with Izmir Özdere car rental companies is also one of the number one residences of camp lovers. There is of course public transportation to Özdere, where you can go to Özdere with hotel accommodation, camping or daily trips. However, if you think that you will want a comfortable transportation due to the distance from the city center and the intense hot weather, you can contact our company Herycar Rent A Car, which is shown with the finger among Izmir car rental companies. You can reach it in as little as 30 minutes with your vehicles, which you can take from the airport or the bus station.

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