The 5 Most Beautiful Villages of Izmir


The 5 Most Beautiful Villages of Izmir

The 5 Most Beautiful Villages of Izmir

With its natural beauties, entertainment venues and private bays, İzmir, which must be visited, also attracts attention with its admired villages. Let's get to know the 5 most beautiful Izmir villages, which we say you should definitely go, with their different structures, friendly people and friendly atmosphere.

1. Cesme, Germiyan Village

Germiyan Village, which looks like it was shot out of cartoon frames, is connected to Çeşme district. You can reach here from the airport, which is located between Gaziemir - Menderes districts of Izmir, by overcoming a road of 70 km. You should arrange your car as soon as you plan your trip in this exploration for the beautiful villages of the city. For this, our Herycar Rent A Car company will be able to easily offer you Adnan Menderes airport car rental service. If you contact our company as soon as you purchase your flight ticket, they will make the necessary arrangements to provide you with affordable rental vehicles. Thinking that you will make these adjustments; You can come to this village, which has made its name worldwide, in approximately 1 - 1.5 hours with the car you get from the airport. There are two important points that make this place famous. First, the village walls are surrounded by drawings and the architecture of this is dear Nuran Erden lady. She is a 56-year-old village woman, but she loves to draw and firstly, wooden chairs, it was time for the walls of the houses. The second feature of the village Turkey's first "Slow Food" title situated. In other words, chemicals are never used in agriculture in the village. When you come here, we say that you should not forget to taste the vegetables of the region and also eat the kopanisti cheese with sourdough bread.

2. Urla, Bademler Village

Bademler Village is such a village that you will never understand what it means to be open to innovation without coming here. So much so that this village has exactly 300 years of history and there are no illiterates in the village. And yet here too the village you will be surprised with the only theater in Turkey. You might say theater actors are coming, but it's wrong The actors also prepare plays for the people of the village and for the World Theater Day every year. Another feature of the village is also approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism "Turkey's cleanest village" is. Again, one of the interesting features of the village is that there is neither a cem house nor a mosque here, although many people have flames. If you want to go to Bademler Village, which arouses people's curiosity, you can reach Adnan Menderes airport in about 30 - 35 minutes with the car you buy from our rental car company.

3.Ödemiş, Birgi Village

As you can imagine, Birgi Village, which was the capital of Aydınoğulları at the time, smells of history. You can visit this place in summer and winter with its wooden mansions, stone streets and beautiful nature that make you feel like in fairy tales. Likewise, it has a great importance in ski tourism as it is close to Bozdağ. After wandering through the village streets and examining the 1000-year-old past, you should definitely taste the Töngel pita unique to Ödemiş. You reach Birgi Village, where you will not be able to get enough of chatting with the warm and friendly village people, by traveling 115 km from the airport. However, since you will get a rental car service from the airport, this road will not be tiring for you.

4.Selçuk, Sirince Village

Izmir, Turkey's most popular resorts are all even Sirince say, is not wrong. Likewise, the village is connected to Selçuk, which is always popular with its delicious wines and has visitors at all times of the year. Famous by the world press, as the Mayans pointed it out as a place to survive the apocalypse, there is neither the sea nor the luxurious places in the village. But what makes the village special is this natural looking, warm and friendly atmosphere. Since it is a place where Greeks lived, you can see Greek architecture in village houses. When the livelihood of the villagers is the vineyards, you can taste the most delicious grapes here and try the special fruit wines.

5.Karaburun, Saip Village

You know, sometimes we all have to go away. What do you think it would be better if it is in such a friendly, quiet, calm seaside town. The village that embellishes those dreams is none other than Saip Village. With its immaculate nature, lush green trees and marvelous sea, it is a place where people can gather their heads and renew. At the time, Turks and Greeks lived together here, and they told everyone what it meant to be brothers, but the war period separated these two brothers from each other. You should turn your route to Karaburun with the car you buy from our Izmir airport car rental company. At the end of a journey of about 1 hour and 20 minutes, you come to the village, which smells of peace. While you are here, of course, stop by the famous Saip Kir Kahvesi in the village. Here you can taste local flavors that will attract you with their fragrant scent.

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