At the time of signing the lease agreement, the tenant must be over the age of 25, have a local or international driving license for a minimum of 3 years and have his driver's license with him.


It is at least 2 days.


For long-term rentals, the minimum rental period is 30 days. The rental price and conditions vary according to the short term rental, so you can call the Herycar Rent a Car Call Center on +90 232 502 76 77 for information or send an e-mail to info@herycar.com with your request. Our customer representatives will return to you as soon as possible.


Rental prices include periodic maintenance, accident insurance (CDW) and 18% VAT.

Fuel belongs to the lessor.

Baby, child seat and navigation device can be rented, provided that prior notice.

HGS (highway, bridge tolls) belong to the tenant.


Our vehicles have accident insurance with an exemption rate varying according to the model. In case of accident or damage, Herycar customer service should be contacted immediately and information should be shared without moving the vehicle. Our customer service will explain the procedures to be followed on the phone or at the scene and direct you. Our Herycar Customer Services will guide you about taking pictures of the accident or scene, how to fill out the alcohol and accident report, if the accident is bilateral, the documents that should be requested from the other party, etc.

The vehicle you will rent is protected against collision, collision, theft and attempted theft. Damages that may be caused to third parties are protected within the insurance limits.

For insurance to be valid:

The accident occurred while being used by one of the persons whose name was written on the vehicle contract,
Never drink alcohol and / or be under the influence of drugs while driving,
In the event that the vehicle is hit or stolen ONE-SIDED, applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location of the vehicle and obtaining reports of accident, theft and alcohol detection,
For DOUBLE-SIDED accidents, except for the cases stated in the following articles, the Material Damage Accident Determination Record must be filled as indicated on the minutes, depending on the type of accident,
In double-sided accidents, the traffic accident report should be prepared by the traffic police only in the following cases.
If a motor vehicle without a driver's license is used
If the driver is under age,
If the driver is suspected of alcohol or mental health,
If one of the vehicles involved in the accident belongs to public institutions,
If damage occurs to property belonging to public institutions,
If the belongings of only third parties are damaged in the traffic accident,
If one of the vehicles involved in the accident does not have traffic insurance,
If the traffic accident resulted in death and / or bodily harm
Accident Insurance (CDW) is the main fault of the driver, submission of the reports to be requested by the insurance to Herycar Rent A Car, except in cases where the insurance companies deem a serious fault (accident while driving with alcohol, making an accident in the opposite direction, passing through a red light, etc.) valid in case.
Our call center will contact you after the reservation you have made on our website is approved by us. In line with the information you provide, Herycar Rent a Car staff will meet you to deliver the vehicle and get a refund on your return. In order for the vehicle to be delivered to you, the driver's license, identity and passports of our customers coming from abroad, and the driver's license, identity and credit cards of the same person must be with them and presented to our personnel. Otherwise, vehicle delivery cannot be made.


You can make the payment as you wish while receiving the vehicle.

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