Izmir Karsiyaka Car Rental



Izmir Karsiyaka Car Rental

Karşıyaka, which is one of the districts that many İzmir lovers admire, continues to fascinate those who come to the city for the first time as much as those people. Karsiyaka, which reveals the history, culture and modern life where stylish, warm and cheerful people are side by side, is one of the points that people of all ages should see and discover even once in their lives. Before traveling to this district, which will warm you from 7 to 70 women and men, be sure to arrange your rental car and your hotel. Thanks to the latest model vehicles and our company focused on customer satisfaction, you can reach what you wonder about Izmir Karsiyaka car rental with one click Our Herycar Rent A Car company, which has a 24/7 service policy, offers you daily, weekly and monthly car rental services in line with how many people you will travel, what kind of vehicle you need and your expectations.

You can turn your first route to Karşıyaka bazaar for this short getaway where you can visit the whole city with a nice travel program. The street surrounded by cafes, restaurants and shopping spots lined up side by side takes you to the seaside after a short walk. You can feel the sun in your bones and fill your lungs with the marvelous sea scent, while you can walk on the beach swaying and sip your tea with the boyoz. When you decide to tour the district, your second route should be Karşıyaka Science Museum. Especially if you have an interest in knowing, we can guarantee that you will enjoy the various activities here. You should turn your next route to Bostanlı Fine Arts Open Air Museum with the car you have obtained from our Izmir Karşıyaka car rental company. If you want to focus on the historical textures a little bit, you can move on to the Hellenic Catholic Church, Mezake Et Arabim Synagogue, Historical Alibey Bath and Uşakizade Mansion without losing any time.
You should taste local flavors, experience the abundant sea air and warm-blooded people. If you want some adrenaline, you can finally visit Ckc Driver Diving Center. Here you can participate in diving training and have the chance to accompany you in the exploration of blue waters.

At the end of your city tour, you can contact our Izmir Karsiyaka car rental company and deliver the vehicle either from the airport delivery points, at our Izmir rent a car offices or from the hotel you are staying at. Thanks to our customer satisfaction and solution-oriented company, you can have a smooth and full travel and enjoy a stress-free holiday.

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