Izmir Ozdere Car Rental



Izmir Ozdere Car Rental

Özdere, which is not as popular as the other districts of Izmir and has not been discovered by some holiday lovers, is actually a neighborhood that is connected to Menderes, the district of Izmir. Since it is 75 km away from the city center and is not as prominent as other popular destinations, this charming holiday resort, which is not yet in the spotlight, is accessible by public transport. However, if you are planning a comfortable travel that will take place in line with your own schedule, you can contact Herycar Rent A Car, our company, which has proven its success in Izmir Özdere car rental activities, as soon as possible.

Izmir's New Shining Star: Özdere

Although everybody thinks about it differently when it comes to vacation, the vast majority prefer to stay away from chaos, stress and crowd. For this reason, we recommend that people who define vacation as calmness and calmness should definitely come to İzmir Özdere for once. Located 75 km away from the center of İzmir, this charming holiday resort is 40 km away from Kuşadası. It is possible to reach this place either from the center or from nearby holiday resorts through Özdere rent a car companies. Likewise, we do not want you to suffer from public transportation and summer heat in the cities.

Although we call it the new shining star of Izmir, this peaceful holiday resort is among the places loved by the people of Izmir. This place, which is generally flooded by local tourists and goes on a journey through Adnan Menderes airport rental car company Herycar, can help you get rid of the stress of this year with its greenery and clear sea. In Özdere, which will be in your heart with its fish shops lined up side by side, you should definitely have an evening meal and taste its fresh fish. Your joyful laughter will reach you again by echoing from nature at these tables colored with herbal appetizers unique to Izmir. The first place you should see in Özdere, which offers an accommodation suitable for every person's budget, may be the Kalemlik National Park. Many people can also make tent camps in this place, which covers a very large area. You have the opportunity to get information about the unique beauties of this region through our company Herycar, which has shown its difference among Izmir car rental companies in a short time and has not lost anything from its success despite the past years. We have no doubt that you will swim in Çukuraltı Beach, which is one of our blue flag beaches, and enjoy the sun in tranquility. Ahmetbeyli, which we must see in spring or autumn, will offer you a dazzling bay. With the car you bought from our Özdere car rental company, immediately turn your direction to Parsley Bay. You can enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun in this area, which you will enjoy with ship tours.

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