Izmir Seferihisar Car Rental



Izmir Seferihisar Car Rental

Every person who is overwhelmed by the chaos of life and tired of living stress has said at least once in his life, "I want to leave everything and settle in a quiet Aegean town right now." Here we have researched the cute town that embellishes these dreams for you. The place we are talking about is of course none other than İzmir Seferihisar. The district, which is still popular like other districts and is not exposed to human density, can take you from real life and take you to a completely different fairy tale land, with its natural beauties and serenity. You know that the district where Izmir Seferihisar car rental companies are active is called "Cittaslow" since it is located 47 km from the center, right?

"What's that?" We seem to hear what you say, let's explain right away, but understand why this is the district that people say they will settle here when they are most tired and bored. Cittaslow is a word meaning "slow, calm city" and its roots are claimed to be in Italy. In fact, this expression, which is called a movement and was first seen by Italians in 1999, would not be wrong if it is said for Izmir Seferihisar in our country because all the quiet and calm life you are looking for is right here. In fact, not only this calmness, but also the fact that it still preserves cultural values ​​is of course very effective in making this definition. Sığacık will of course be the first place you will see in Seferihisar, where you can set your route by picking up our Adnan Menderese car rental points or from the bus terminal. This place, whose reputation is in front of the district, is actually a small neighborhood, but it does not make you feel as if you have entered the fairy tale city.

You can go to leave your belongings in your accommodation area first in the district where you can easily reach through Seferihisar rent a car company Herycar. After placing your belongings and taking your shower, you should go to Sığacık, which is 7 km away from the district. After wandering around the famous streets and taking many souvenir photos, you should definitely have a conversation with Sığacık people. In this place where sincere, naive and natural people live, turn your route to the port side and come to Sığacık Castle with a nice walk. After exploring the castle, you can go to any of the venues in the bazaar to taste the fresh fish of the region. We recommend you to taste the special herb appetizers unique to Izmir, accompanied by a nice fish. We ate our food, sipped our tea and coffee, now it is time to jump into the car you bought from Seferihisar car rental company and go to Teos Ancient City. It would be more correct to visit this city, which is a deep-rooted cultural heritage with its history dating back to 1080 BC, with a guide or to explore its history online. Of course, you should come to Sığacık and go to the famous market, whose fame spreads all over İzmir, as this market is not at all like the markets you know. So much so that you can find whatever you search for, from pastries to wraps, to lentil patties. We are sure that you will want to taste these delicacies made by the talented men and women of Seferihisar people. With the car you bought from our Seferihisar car rental company, turn your last route to Akkum Beach, which is waiting for you with its clear water and fragrant scent, where you will feel the taste of the sun to your bones.

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